Dada is positioned at the high end of the market with mass-produced items created by designers with extensive international experience: Banco, Nuvola and Vela by Luca Meda; Tivalì and Trim by Dante Bonuccelli; Hi-Line and Hi-Line 6 by Ferruccio Laviani; INDada by Nicola Gallizia; Set by Rodolfo Dordoni. Different models in terms of type, finishing and materials, but all with one essential feature in common: the chance to combine specific elements from each series in order to come up with original solutions.


Design and experimentation have always been the hallmarks of Dada kitchens. Innovative, both functionally, aesthetically and technologically, they are the result of intense research and testing, carried out in cooperation with architects and designers. Thanks to state-of-the-art technological know-how, both in traditional woodworking and in the more innovative field of metals and new materials, Dada is able to satisfy specific design requirements. Exclusive, functional domestic spaces, where technology is key without being intrusive, for those who love their kitchen as the beating heart of their home.


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